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The most important aspect of any project is to understand the client's needs, material sources and environmental and social surroundings. Being responsible, conscious and well aware that all of these aspects need to be considered in a complex plan, ProCone will transfer the client needs into a successful, economic and environmental friendly facility.

ProCone offers a wide range of services to align with client needs. Over time ProCone has helped to develop projects in different industries in many countries supporting the client in materials handling and management, engineering and operation of various material sources like trash, wood, coal and many others. Our excellent engineering team provides design support from conception to operation of a full-scale facility.

ProCone GmbH
Nordstrasse 17
CH-4665 Oftringen AG
Tel.: +41 (0)62 216 80 80
Fax: +41 (0)62 216 80 81
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