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ProCone connected to the Environment

In today’s environmental conscious movement, innovative and proven technology with responsible materials handling and management is the driver to clean energy and synthetic fuels. ProCone strives to achieve a clean conversion of selected material sources like biomass and trash not usable to society anymore and to responsibly handle and manage such materials in generations to come.

ProCone has developed a technology capable to convert any carbon based materials in an environmentally friendly approach, meaning handle and manage what can be recycled, reused and extract up to 90% of the stored energy of the remaining materials without to have a large footprint to the environment.

ProCone’s services and products were developed over many years in cooperation with reputable institutions using proven technology as a base. ProCone's longstanding expertise in materials handling and management, engineering and operation will underline the one-stop-shop for your material, refuse, trash or even fossil fuel problem.

ProCone GmbH
Nordstrasse 17
CH-4665 Oftringen AG
Tel.: +41 (0)62 216 80 80
Fax: +41 (0)62 216 80 81
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