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Uncontrolled Disposal

In the past and still today, uncontrolled disposal and dumping everywhere in the environment was and is cheap, simple and straight forward by uncontrolled disposal, and by burning in open fires, wood burning stoves and chimney systems. This type of “waste treatment” in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, in many parts of Asia and in Africa is today still the standard. Even though this kind of “waste treatment” is unbeatably cheap as it causes no direct costs, nonetheless the environmental burden is massive and should not be maintained anymore.

In addition, to the purely aesthetic impairment on the environment, the pollutants and heavy metals in the waste deposited lead to severe poisoning of water, air and soil. The stresses to flora and fauna, including the people living in such places, will cause long term irreparable lasting damage to health and the genetic elements of the entire livelihood. The long-term and global burden of such uncontrolled disposal will affect us all.

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