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Keeping People and the Environment at the center of the economic growth, ProCone’s technology, the BASURAgas® Universal System, strengths are the following:
  • recycling of any type of carbon based waste where possible through thermo-chemical conversion into energy and/or bio-chemical conversion into chemical liquids, fuels and other materials,
  • the reduction of significant emissions, pollutants and waste utilizing a closed loop conversion system; which realizes minimizing costly separation and collection systems that results in economic savings and promotes a healthier environment,
  • the recovery of energy and valuable materials from waste and sewage sludge from residential, commercial and industrial production for the conversion into energy (electricity, steam), chemical liquids (methanol, ethanol, butanol, isoprene, isobutene and others) and paraffin wax and to recycle raw materials for the metal and fertilizer industry, and
  • as the technology provider for thermo-, bio-chemical conversion and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis plants in the chemical and power market to process coal, biomass and organic waste of all types and origin, with the focus on economy and social issues and to put the environment in the forefront.

ProCone GmbH
Nordstrasse 17
CH-4665 Oftringen AG
Tel.: +41 (0)62 216 80 80
Fax: +41 (0)62 216 80 81
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