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ProCone supports environmentally friendly, sustainable and global development in the field of energy and resource recovery ensuring the following key values:
  • Economy = only economically sound projects will be approved;
  • Ecology = only environmentally responsible projects will be pursued;
  • Ethics = only ethical and socially accepted projects are sustainable.

ProCone will focus primarily on the utilization of production waste and public trash (Latin: Basura), secondary on the utilization of sustainable natural resources.

Our focus priority list is as follows:
Waste utilization (AVA)
Biomass utilization (BVA)
1. Prevention of waste
1. Production of food
2. Waste utilization
2. Production of animal feed
3. Recycling
3. Production of primary materials and goods
4. Energy and resource recovery with
    BASURAgas® Universal System
4. Energy and resource recovery with
    BASURAgas® Universal System

Economically sound
Environmentally responsible
Ethical and socially accepted
ProCone GmbH
Nordstrasse 17
CH-4665 Oftringen AG
Tel.: +41 (0)62 216 80 80
Fax: +41 (0)62 216 80 81
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