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ProCone your one-stop-shop-solution for your materials problem.

ProCone connected to the environment not only offers the best economical way but also the most responsible and conscious way of materials handling and management. ProCone's focus is to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible of the materials before it is fed to the BASURAgas® Universal System for an almost full recovery of the energy stored in those materials. The goal of ProCone’s rigorous materials handling and management is to recover up to 90% of the energy stored in the non-reusable materials.  

What is Materials Handling?

Material handling is the transportation, protection, storage and control of materials of any kind and source throughout the collection, reduction, reusing, recycling and recovery of energy; with the aim to discard and final dispose as little as possible.

What is Materials Management?
Materials management is a scientific technique in regards to planning, organizing and control of flow of these materials of any kind and source, from their initial collection to the final designated destination with the aim to reuse and recycle as much as possible before the recovery of energy with our technology.

Where Waste comes from?
With the entry into the consumer society our civilization were confronted with the problem of the resulting waste and thus the waste management worldwide. Produced garbage and waste of all kinds is created mainly from the production and packaging of consumer goods and the disposal of such consumer goods.
Future of Materials Treatment (Waste Treatment)
So far, the existing methods used for most materials treatment mainly cause only expenditures. Damaging environmental emissions can only be controlled by expensive equipment. These costs are borne by a so-called tipping fee, usually collected from the originator. These costs can only be borne by the populations of wealthy industrial nations, largely in German-speaking Europe and Japan. Developments and use of new technologies are predominantly in these societies. For the rest of the world, these are currently not financeable and are therefore not used. In North America the landfills are still a preferable way to get rid of unwanted materials providing a low cost solution for the originator. However, the cost down the road will have a high price tag when landfills need to be reclaimed.

Coal is a good example in how the energy stored in the material is only used partially while burning in generation stations. The environmental footprint is enormous. Better technologies like gasification of coal can harvest the full potential of the energy stored in coal to convert into energy, fuels and other products. Harmful pollutants are bound into the slag and gas filters. However, such technologies require big front-up investments and entrepreneurial thinking.

The example of coal is comparable with all the other above mentioned materials. ProCone is promoting conscious and responsible materials handling and management to use the full potential of these unwanted materials.
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