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ProCone and some of its engineering associates and suppliers formed the BCT Group to provide the best solution to convert biodegradable and carbon based materials into valuable products such as power, chemical liquids and gases. The BCT Group is a technology and EPCM service provider for Blue Conversion Technology (BCT). All the documents below reflect the cooperation between the different entities that form the BCT Group and ProCone GmbH.

These documents are protected under the copyright laws of Switzerland and international laws and are intended only for personal use. Any commercialization and reproduction needs to have exclusive approval from ProCone GmbH in writing.


BCT Group of Companies Introduction
An introduction of the members of the three major BCT Group of Companies.

Need to Know
Described are some of the key features, the project life circle and how project risks are mitigated.

White Paper Ethanol
This white paper about ethanol was compiled in November 2016.

White Paper Syntetic Fuels
This white paper about synthetic fuels was compiled in May 2017.

Acronyms and Definitions
Coming soon!


Materials Handling and Management
This pamphlet explains materials handling and management.

Applications and Products
Explained are the different applications and products offered.

Feedstock Materials & Marketable Products
Description of different feedstock materials and marketable products produced with the BASURAgas Universal System.

MSW to End-Products
This Pamphlet describes the conversion of waste to marketable Products (new version coming soon!).

Coal to End-Products
This Pamphlet describes the conversion of coal to marketable Products (new version coming soon!).

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