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Coal Conversion

The BASURAgas® Universal System plant for the conversion of coal to profitable chemicals and fuels consists of five main processes. The first process is the coal preparation unit. Depending on the quality and moisture content, the coal is crushed, dried and formed in briquettes for future use in the process. The second process is a thermo-chemical conversion from coal into utilizable synthesis gas (SynGas). In the third process the SynGas is purified and compressed to specifications. The next process can differ depending on the end product produced. Two main processes are offered: a) a bio-chemical conversion producing fuel ethanol or USP alcohol; b) a Fischer Tropsch synthesis producing diesel, jet fuel, paraffin wax and other chemicals. The fifth process uses the purge gases and a portion of the original SynGas to produce electricity and steam for the energy demand of the entire plant. All processes are connected to a common wastewater treatment plant (WWT), which cleans the wastewater from these facilities and provides treated water for the entire plant. The storm and surface waters of the plant are collected and also treated in this WWT process. The surplus heat from the various processes is in each case adapted or cooled to optimize operation for the internal or external use.

Advantages for the BASURAgas® Universal System for the conversion of coal:
  • Low formation of dioxins and furans. As gasification takes place under limited amount of oxygen, formation of dioxins is much less intensive than during direct combustion of coal;
  • Integrated effective gas cleaning system;
  • Low negative impact upon environment;
  • Compacting effect from gasification is much more than from pyrolysis. Unburned charcoal remains after pyrolysis while only ash remains after gasification;
  • Gasification is a less power-consuming process than pyrolysis;
  • Due to lower the atmosphere during gasification compared to combustion, formation of NOx is also much less intensive;
  • Cost effective approach to managing coal with a less complex systems as normally used in conventional conversion of coal plants;
  • Saves in energy, size of the equipment necessary and footprint of the plant, which again guarantees a fast implementation and setup;
  • Relatively small system, with constant price and performance ratio, the technology and equipment used is simple and operable without highly skilled operators;
  • Fixed bed gasification from ProCone is technologically advanced for the gasification of solid materials, with conversion at high temperatures eliminating toxic pollutants while emissions are below emission laws;
  • No smells and no smoke is released at plant site;
  • The process is self-sustaining (no outside energy is required) with a high energy efficiency up to 85% and high CO2-reduction via gasification; and
  • ProCone utilizes superior proven and longstanding technology that result in a low-cost process, operation and maintenance; up to double efficiency factor compared to the other existing conversion technologies.
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