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ProCone provides a patented gas fermenter for the bio-chemical conversion of synthetic gas (SynGas) to liquids and gaseous raw materials for use in chemical and energy applications. The micro-organisms (patented) are specified to the respective targeted product to produce ethanol, butanol, isobutene, isoprene and others. The advantages of ProCone’s SynGas conversion fermentation process is the very low process pressures (0 to 150 mbar) and the possibility to process SynGas with relatively high nitrogen content. By accelerating the reaction time in the process, the overall size compared with conventional fermenters is substantially reduced. This also leads to a significant reduction of manufacturing costs (body size) and operating costs (no oxygen plant, low power cost).

The high efficiency fermenter from ProCone is not only a more economical unit as conventional fermenters, but also requires much less of a footprint at the facility, less maintenance time and therefore less downtime of the operation.

Below is a typical process flow diagram and a mass balance sheet for a coal to ethanol plant.

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