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Benefits of the Technology

Economic benefits of the technology
  • The BASURAgas® Universal System is less expensive than conventional incinerators. It achieves a better revenue return, as the waste can be mainly utilized as raw material again (direct sale of raw materials in the product and production cycle).
  • The BASURAgas® Universal System achieves a high reduction of fossil CO2, which are paid by marketable certificates (carbon credits).
  • The BASURAgas® Universal System is a cost-neutral waste management, which is very important especially for developing and emerging countries (affordable disposal otherwise not achieved).
  • In contrast to existing technologies, the BASURAgas® Universal System can attain a better risk hedging, since this technology allows investment and financial losses through operating loss to be insured at low cost.

Environmental benefits of the technology
  • The BASURAgas® Universal System has an outstanding environmental performance by an almost complete utilization of all recyclable materials and energy contained in the materials fed to the system.
  • The BASURAgas® Universal System avoids harmful emissions to the environment (air, soil and water), particularly carcinogenic substances (polyromantic hydrocarbons, dioxins and furans, etc.) mainly by recycling without exhaust emissions.
  • The BASURAgas® Universal System works also with renewable materials and organic waste (biomass, wood and plants, food waste, etc.)
  • The BASURAgas® Universal System works also with coal and has a much lower environmental footprint as the conventional cogeneration plants and conversion technologies.
  • No disposal of materials is necessary as complete energetic and material recycling takes place (the “recycle machine”) at the system.
  • The BASURAgas® Universal System plants can be built regardless of location, as there is no compelling connection to electricity and/or heat networks. Therefore plants can be logistically placed to avoid long transportation of the waste and other materials (avoiding transport and noise).

Ethics / Social benefits of the technology
  • The BASURAgas® Universal System brings, additionally to a sustainability for these systems, an extremely high level of economic and environmental benefits.
  • The local production of units and sub-components for the BASURAgas® Universal System, as well as exploitation exclusively from regional waste, biomass and other materials, is creating a high economic benefit for the region, country and population (more than 80% of the value of the entire waste handling and management is carried out at the regional site)
  • No waste of energy and raw materials as they are recovered. Residues and waste materials are avoided employing the BASURAgas® Universal System.

Economic benefits
Environmental benefits
Ethics / Social benefits
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